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Rustic Breads

Our Rustic Breads are freshly baked daily. We use only European unbleached wholewheat flours and they are mixed with as few ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all. We employ traditional fermentation methods using little to no yeast to leaven all our breads. 

This method gives our breads a sturdy crust and a chewy crumb. With little to no yeast used, there is no sugar added to our dough thus they are healthier and easier on the digestive system.

From the classic like pain au levain, mulitgrain sourdough, Canadian dark rye sour to aromatic olives and herbs or sundried tomatoes & cheese to sweet favourites like cranberry flaxseeds, raisins walnuts we have them all. We continue to try new flavours so do check back for new delicious wholesome bakes. 

Taste our difference! We look forward to seeing you!