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About Us

enjoué started in 2016 as a bakery specialising in artisanal style breads and pastries. We started enjoué because we love fresh, wholesome and delicious bakes. We love, love, love the aromas of fresh breads, and buttery pastries, fresh and hot from the oven – every day.

We believe that what fundamentally makes an artisan bread ‘artisanal’ is integrity. It’s making choices about how the bread is made; from the type of flour we use, to the length of the fermentation process (we prefer longer fermentation so that the breads develop a unique flavour) to even the temperature of the water we add.

Besides that, all our pastries are made using only French butters and unrefined sugars.

Our products are made free from preservatives, improvers, premixes and other unnatural ingredients; thus, they don’t last as long as you may want them to be.

All our products are all handmade using old traditional techniques. Our rustic breads are made using only a sourdough culture (called levain in French). The levain lends its unique sourness to the breads through a long and low temperature fermentation process. The breads are thus crustier, chewier and have more robust flavours.

The breads also have irregular air pockets – these pockets (a signature in all artisan breads), unlike the usual yeast/sugar leaven ones, gives our breads its unique appearance as well as extra spaces for sandwich fillings or to mop up soups with.

Our pastries – viennoisseries (the Fresh term for ‘things of Vienna’) are all made in-house daily. The process of making the pastry dough take a minimum of three days.

Employing a complex process of laminating the butters into the dough, the gluten is gently stretched to create a buttery and flaky pastry. These pastries are then filled with 66% dark chocolate (pain au chocolate) or frangipane (croissant aux amandes) or passionfruit/lemon curd (cruffin) or the less complex but equally tasty kouign amann.

These pastries are baked fresh daily and are best enjoyed with a hot cuppa of gourmet (Fairtrade and organic beans) coffees or naturally colourful ‘tea’ lattes.

Our pastry selection changes regularly so do drop by more often to try them all.

We also feature a selection of gourmet sandwiches, with our housemade fillings, between our breads (but of course!), like grilled Mediterranean vegetables, chicken pesto, tuna niçoise and pulled beef to name a few. All our sandwiches are accompanied with a salad. There is also a variety of salads and housemade soups to choose from.

All our salad dressings like blueberry lemon, raspberry vinaigrette and honey mustard are made in house. The salads and soups are accompanied with a copious amount of breads – as much as you can stomach!

Besides these offerings, there are also an array of healthy breakfast museli and yoghurt cups, chia seed puddings, cold pressed juices, cut fruit cups, cold brew coffee and teas.

As we anchor ourselves in IBP, we want to engage the IBP community through an organic series of pop-ups featuring seasonal fresh produce direct from farms, treats and weekend talks or cooking demonstrations, etc.

Drop by and we catch you soon! 

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